Partial Highlights: Subtle Dimension for a Natural Look

Partial highlights involve strategically adding lighter or darker shades to specific sections of your hair, creating subtle dimension and depth.

Who should consider partial highlights?

partial highlights can add depth and dimension that complements your natural shade.

Full Highlights: Bold and Dramatic Transformation

Full highlights encompass a more comprehensive coloring technique, involving the application of highlights throughout the entire head of hair.

Who should consider full highlights?

Individuals who desire a bolder and more vibrant look should consider full highlights. If you’re looking to make a statement or want a more noticeable change to your hair color, full highlights can help you achieve that.

Key Differences Between Partial and Full Highlights

Partial highlights target specific sections, such as the crown, sides, or ends, creating dimension and depth.

Impact on hair health and condition Full highlights involve more extensive bleaching or coloring, which can affect the health and condition of your hair compared to partial highlights. Partial highlights typically require less color application and are therefore considered less damaging.

Choosing the Right Option for You

hair type, color, and condition to provide personalized advice and recommendations. A stylist can also suggest hybrid techniques that combine elements of both partial and full highlights for a customized result.